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They made their health better

Successfull stories & client testimonials

Chaba Cosmetic Clinic transform the lives of their patients. With the time and tools we provide, our physicians improve health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and drive cost savings—for patients and their employers.

Amazing service!

It’s helpful to have a provider who is thorough both in the office visit and the follow up contact. I’ve already recommended to friends and family.

Pooja Verma

Helped me a lot

Not only was I having problems with my vision but my eyes were also itchy, irritated and red. They treated for dry eyes and my eyes feel great!

Hanendra Kumar

Awesome surgeons

The hours are great, and I didn’t have to wait long, what I also like about your office is that you are up-to-date with state-of the-art equipment.

Rinki Pandey

My shape is perfect!

They gave me much more than health – they gave me my life back. One that I can still enjoy with my family and my children.

Upasna Gupta

A good word means a lot

Client testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of ours client testimonials.

I really love this place. Dr. Chaba is so personable. Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I feel so comfortable coming here! Thank you!
Suman Singh

Best experience ever and I have had  surgery with several other surgeons prior to Dr. Chaba, she exceeded all my expectations. Thanks!
Sonya Harlan


Dr. Chaba is an amazing woman and doctor. She has been my doctor for over 10 years. She cares about his patients and ensures excellence.
Sanjna Seth

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Copyright by Chaba Cosmetic. All rights reserved.

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