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March 15, 2019 adminSkin0

Summer is just around the corner when your beautiful skin will face scorching heat. Added to this heat is the ever present pollution. These two factors can play havoc to your skin.

Even in the midst of all these still you can maintain healthy, glowing skin by following these tips:-

1) Cover your face while going outdoors. Wear full sleeves to prevent exposure of your forearms and hand to sun.

2) Always apply a good quality sunscreen half an hour before going outdoors, it should be applied to all the exposed areas. Applying sunscreen just before going outdoors is ineffective, as it takes 30 minutes for sunscreen to start acting.

3) Drink plenty of water as there is too much water loss through sweat in harsh summer.

4) You can apply makeup over sunscreen.

5) Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables. Fruits like watermelon & melon are the taste of the season & are easily available.

6) Always wear a good quality goggles to prevent area around eyes to exposure. The glasses should have UV protection.

7) Take at least 6-9 hrs sleep depending on your age.

By taking all these precautions you will have perfect glowing skin even in this harsh weather.

Being Chhattisgarh’s leading cosmetic physician for over 18 years Dr. Rita Chaba always has the first mover advantage in skin care industry. Her desire to offer the latest & most effective skin care & beauty procedures carries her all over the globe exchanging views & experiences with other authorities in skin care enabling her to bring back what is best for her client at home. For more details please visit our website


March 5, 2019 adminSkin0

Nobody likes dull skin. Which is why you spend a lot on beauty and skin care products every month. But, given the choices of products and services, it is crucial to be smart in what you pick for your skin – because your skin is unique, and it has unique needs that only an expert can understand. Dr Chaba Cosmetic Clinic understands this, and that’s why they have designed customised skin care solutions to give you a rewarding experience. Here are the top skin care solutions offered by Chaba Cosmetic Clinic.

Best skin care tips:-

Skin care tips for bride

  • Clean your face with cleansing milk all day before going to sleep.
  • Apply moisturiser for soft skin, it prevent from dryness.
  • Stay hydrated, for hydration drink enough water for smooth skin.
  • Sleep 8 hours in a day for keep your skin healthy and young.
  • Use sunscreen which prevent from harmful effects of sun or wrinkles, lathery skin
  • Before going to sleep make sure that remove your makeup from your face and clean it with cleansing.

Laser therapy for acne scars

Acne and scars are the common skin problem of human life it can easily remove by laser therapy and give effective results.

Pre- bridal treatment

Every bride dream to looking gorgeous in her wedding on the most important day of her life this is a pre-wedding treatment for her amazing and beautiful look.

Dermal therapies

To make your skin glow and to ensure you look good in your daily life and glow every day and feel frees and confident towards your future, dermal therapists know what product suits your skin  and lovingly exfoliate, brighten, tighten and provide nutrients and oxygen to an otherwise  tried and lack luster skin.

Types of treatments:-

  • Clean-ups
  • Facial treatment
  • Express treatment

Permanent hair removal with the help of laser

In this therapy all unwanted hairs are removed with the help of lasers we are 12 years’ experience we know which laser technology will be best for your skin. Permanent laser hair reduction uses US FDA approval gold standard diode technology which has been twelve years practising, and tested and shown amazing and wonderful results on our Indian skins.

Ageing and its effect on skin

Ageing is a process we can’t stop during which body structural and function can change

When we are grow old age related change include appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial volume and fat loss which causes wrinkles, thinning of skin and loss of skin elasticity.

Anti- ageing medicine in India bring to you a wonderful service which will help slow down and reverse the ageing reverse the time and look younger as you always wanted to feel beautiful and young

Types of treatment:-

  • Botox treatment
  • Age freeze
  • Dermal fillers

The services combines highly developed technology and carefully chosen ingredients to make your skin beautiful. It’s safe and does not affect your daily schedule. For more details please visit our website

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